Exhibition Night: The Power of Going Public

So, you’ve finished your project- great! You brainstormed and conferred, researched and reiterated, and finally created something that you are proud of. You turned it in to your instructor and received your grade for your seminar or independent project. Now what?

Project-based learning gives students the time and space to take a deep dive into topics of their choice and to show their learning in rigorous and unique ways that are meaningful to them. That means that a lot of time, energy, and emotions goes into these projects to make an impact on others, where it is inauthentic and is a disservice if only the student and classroom teacher are the ones who see it. 

It is important that students feel empowered to go public with their learning. If the work is high quality, then it deserves to be seen, and when students know that their work is going to be shared, it motivates them to set their expectations higher. So how do you ensure that all student projects are given the chance to be seen by an audience? That’s where exhibitions come in.

At Dottke, we celebrate student work at the end of each semester through our Exhibition Night. At this event, we invite the student body, families, community members, project experts and mentors, and other key stakeholders to view and provide valuable feedback and support to our students and their hard work. 

Students will not only display their deliverables, but talk through their learning process and reflections, answer audience questions, and collect feedback on how they reiterate or expand their project moving forward. Students can present one project, or many, seminar or independent, and can drive the presentation in a way that is unique to them. 

Exhibition is a great way to celebrate student successes and showcase the amazing work that they have done, surrounded by like-minded people. 

Check out our first Exhibition Night of the ‘21-’22 school year: 

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