Project Based Learning at Dottke

Making Soap

Making Soap

As a part of her Independent Living course, Alondra decided to make soap from scratch. She researched what needed to be done and then followed through to […]

8 Bit Math

Students researched the older 8-BIT method of writing a computer code and then used a software program to design a frame in the style of older video […]

Mental Health Response Kit

Each Classroom received a Mental Health Response Kit to help students who have a variety of needs from anxiety, stress, and anger. The kits are filled with […]


Students were asked to create an original automaton out of materials found around the Studio. Students were given a basic overview of basic concepts to create an […]


In our conflict unit, students created a character who (it) then had to get into conflict with other characters in the class. Students analyzed why we get […]

My Message

The final project for this class was to carefully select a message that is important to the student and share it with an audience of their choosing. […]

Exploring Your Fears

In this project, students were responsible for analyzing fear and what role it plays in our lives and what it can teach us. Students were asked to […]

Finding Your Voice

We began this unit by exploring what made up our individual voices (we are sons, daughters, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, male, female, student, teacher, etc.). Students examined the […]

Road Map to a Good Life

This project was designed to allow the students time to dream, think about and research what they want their lives to look like after high school. The […]
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