Creating Benchmarks

This is where you create your detailed plan of action.

Project Planning Document

Each project begins with an idea. That idea is flushed out using this project planning document. For each project a student completes, this is the initial step. Once completed, the student and their advisor meet to discuss further logistics around their project. 

This is one way a student can map out their plan of attack. It is important to create intentional benchmarks and milestones to hit so that the teacher and student can work together to stay on pace with whatever their individual goals are. Having a formal document like this one allows for the two to work together to meet those goals. 

The planning document has three parts for each week. The first is the driving question. The driving question is “the why” of what a student is attempting to do. The goals are what the student is going to attempt to do and the proof of process is the actual tangible item the student is going to produce to show they have met the goal.