Tile Mosaics

Students were learning measurement and reading scales, performing measurement convertions, completing math operations, and estimating while designing hiking paths around area West Allis and West Milwaukee restaurants and area attractions. The students were given the guideline of keeping walking distance to between 2000 – 5000 “steps” and related the goal to fitness learning targets from Health class. After outlining the potential course, students used math operations to calculate total distance and approximate calories burned at various completion times. Research and results will then be passed on to next semester math in Spring for completion as a “legacy” project. The next class will confirm routes and calculations as part of their learning targets. Then, students will complete design of the restaurant hike cards, laminate them in coordination with the Studio, and distribute the cards to restaurants in WAWM area. The project will help students perform learning targets in math, while also providing an authentic application of learning, and building a community connection between school and area businesses.