Deeper Learning
Making Soap

Making Soap

As a part of her Independent Living course, Alondra decided to make soap from scratch. She researched what needed to be done and then followed through to produce some pretty unique scent combinations. Through several iterations, she was able to think critically and problem solve to find an efficient system for making her soap.

8 Bit Math

Students researched the older 8-BIT method of writing a computer code and then used a software program to design a frame in the style of older video games.That design was then printed out and used by students to make a coaster for themselves and on a tile to be part of a table mosaic. Students […]

Mental Health Response Kit

Each Classroom received a Mental Health Response Kit to help students who have a variety of needs from anxiety, stress, and anger. The kits are filled with different materials to help deal with mental health issues the students find themselves dealing with. Some students need to be relaxed by journaling, while those that are anxious […]


Students were asked to create an original automaton out of materials found around the Studio. Students were given a basic overview of basic concepts to create an automaton, but had to use critical thinking and problem solving skills, collaboration, and self-direction to build their design.


In our conflict unit, students created a character who (it) then had to get into conflict with other characters in the class. Students analyzed why we get into conflict, how we react to conflict, and how we resolve conflict. Students also explored how even small conflicts can escalate and spiral beyond the initial conflict.

My Message

The final project for this class was to carefully select a message that is important to the student and share it with an audience of their choosing. The students were expected to be very intentional about their choice of message, audience and the way they choose to convey their messages. The written portion of this […]

Exploring Your Fears

In this project, students were responsible for analyzing fear and what role it plays in our lives and what it can teach us. Students were asked to create a representation of their own fear or someone else’s. At the end of the project, students should be able examine why they have a fear and what […]

Finding Your Voice

We began this unit by exploring what made up our individual voices (we are sons, daughters, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, male, female, student, teacher, etc.). Students examined the development of the author’s voice in the United States. We studied the voice of the common worker, the voice of the oppressed, the voice of the female, and […]