Rubric Scoring

Where to go after you get an idea.

Project Planning Document

Each project begins with an idea. That idea is flushed out using this project planning document. For each project a student completes, this is the initial step. Once completed, the student and their advisor meet to discuss further logistics around their project. 

Real-time traceability of funds

How Students Pick Courses

We want to empower students by helping them understand where they are at in their journey toward high school graduation. In order to do that, students need to know what is required of them in terms of numbers of classes needed in a specific content area.    

Text box item sample content

  • In order to graduate each student must have:
  • 4 Credits of English
  • 3 Credits of Math
  • 3 Credits of Science
  • 3 Credits of Social Studies
  • 1.5 Credits of PE
  • 0.5 Credits of Health
  • 0.5 Credits of Personal Finance or Independent Living