I Can Statements

The West Allis/West Milwaukee school district wants to engage every student in a deep learning experience. Those experiences are always tied to a set of guiding statements that provide a baseline for what every student will be able to do once they complete a specific course or grade level. Our district calls those baseline expectations, I Can Statements. A copy of those can be found here.

The main advantage of utilizing a set of I Can Statements to drive instruction is that it gives teachers flexibility and autonomy to design their classes around teacher and student interests since the statements are more thematic than specific.

All course work at Dottke is configured around those statements which serve as a guaranteed floor for student learning. If you are interested in understanding more about I Can Statements or want to learn about how a teacher creates learning experiences for students based off of I Can Statements, feel free to contact you learners teacher, or any staff member at Dottke.

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