Project based school
Making Soap

Making Soap

As a part of her Independent Living course, Alondra decided to make soap from scratch. She researched what needed to be done and then followed through to produce some pretty unique scent combinations. Through several iterations, she was able to think critically and problem solve to find an efficient system for making her soap.

8 Bit Math

Students researched the older 8-BIT method of writing a computer code and then used a software program to design a frame in the style of older video games.That design was then printed out and used by students to make a coaster for themselves and on a tile to be part of a table mosaic. Students […]

Mental Health Response Kit

Each Classroom received a Mental Health Response Kit to help students who have a variety of needs from anxiety, stress, and anger. The kits are filled with different materials to help deal with mental health issues the students find themselves dealing with. Some students need to be relaxed by journaling, while those that are anxious […]


Students were asked to create an original automaton out of materials found around the Studio. Students were given a basic overview of basic concepts to create an automaton, but had to use critical thinking and problem solving skills, collaboration, and self-direction to build their design.

Tile Mosaics

Students were learning measurement and reading scales, performing measurement convertions, completing math operations, and estimating while designing hiking paths around area West Allis and West Milwaukee restaurants and area attractions. The students were given the guideline of keeping walking distance to between 2000 – 5000 “steps” and related the goal to fitness learning targets from […]


Over the course of this unit, students explored various areas of society that they are disappointed in how they function. For the final project, students were asked to create a project that focuses on something in society that they are disillusioned about. Some examples of student’s disillusionment include bullying, sex trafficking, societal view of teenagers, […]

Culture Exploration

Students in World Literature spent the quarter exploring the question: What is culture and where does it come from? We read fiction and non-fiction articles and stories. The class created a culture framework to explain our deepening understanding of what culture is.Students determined that culture is: Family, religion, food, language, dress, traditions, spirituality, music, holidays, […]